Sunday, December 11, 2011


Wednesday, December 7

After our morning in Kartchner Caverns, we decided to go to Tombstone for the afternoon. It's only about 30 miles.

I'll be up front and tell you we were less than impressed with Tombstone. We love visiting old mining towns and other historical places, but this was the first one where virtually everything was behind big walls and locked gates. Everything charged admission--the Bird Cage Theater, the O. K. Corral, the silver mine, and Boot Hill. We didn't see any of those.

The town has a 2-block section that's off limits to automobiles, and it's lined with shops that sell everything from curios and jewelry to expensive art and antiques. I didn't find anything I really needed, except for some tasty fudge.

There are two of these stagecoaches that will take you up and down the street (for a fee, of course) and show you the sights.

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Myrddin said...

We went to Tombstone a few years ago and didn't even get out of the car after we saw the wall and found out that they charged for everything.

There's better places to go and things to see where they don't try to get your money.