Friday, December 9, 2011

1st Night on the Road--Gila Bend, Arizona

Monday, December 5

There's something about an Arizona sunset. Even with no clouds in the western sky, this one was pretty.

We're at Augie's Quail Trail RV Park in Gila Bend, Arizona, after a drive of about 6 hours. Instead of getting up at O-dark-thirty like we used to we got up at our normal time (6:30), and enjoyed some coffee at home before we headed down to Mentone. We stopped at McDonald's for a quick breakfast, then went over to the place where we keep the trailer. We'd hooked up the truck already, so Don pulled the trailer out and I parked the Jeep in the spot.

Don had been concerned about the Santa Ana winds, and they were picking up as we drove through the San Gorgonio Pass. But he knuckled down and we pulled off the 10 at Indio to head south past the Salton Sea to the 8. We'd never gone this way before, and decided it was time to see something new. Interstate 8 goes past the southern end of the Imperial Sand Dunes, and we stopped at a rest area there for lunch.

Our son Kenny called us after lunch to give us some nice news: he proposed to his girlfriend Robin yesterday, and she (naturally) said yes. We're on our way to visit them, so I look forward to giving her a big hug and seeing her ring!

He says it's snowing hard there, and is supposed to snow all day tomorrow. We might delay our arrival in Alamogordo a day--it's nice to have that flexibility. I've been so used to being on tight schedules because of work.

We reached the campground at Gila Bend around 4 local time, and after our traditional "first night out" dinner of chili dogs and fries, are now watching Monday Night Football.

Tomorrow: Kartchner Caverns State Park, south of Tucson.

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