Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another item checked off the list

Don and I turned in our passport applications today. We used to have passports - I've had several since I was three; Don got his first one at the age of five. But since he retired 20 years ago from the Air Force, we no longer used the ones we had and they expired.

Now that the rules have changed regarding travel to Canada and Mexico we decided we'd better get them taken care of so we can cross the border.

Kenny's leaving for New Mexico and his new assignment at Holloman Air Force Base. He already has an apartment in Alamogordo and will be picking up the keys Friday afternoon. We've lent him a sleeping bag and pad to use until his furniture arrives from Japan (if it's not already there). It'll be strange to have him within cell phone range - we've gone so many years without being able to call him since he was in Kyrgyzstan, Diego Garcia, Korea, and Japan.  Now I  can just text him for a quick hello.  I'll try not to be a pest.

Theresa hosted a farewell barbecue for him last night - her roommate got carne asada, and they had a Mexican feast. She's having lunch with him today before he hits the road. She's so proud to have him for a brother.

91 more work days.


Lynilu said...

Aw, go ahead and be a pest, at least a little bit! That's part of a mom's job!

Merikay said...

Passports are also on our list. I meant to renew them last year and we even went to the post office to do it and they told us we had to do it by mail. Just haven't gotten around to it.