Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas in New Mexico

We stayed in New Mexico from December 22 until December 29. We camped at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park, which is 8 miles south of Alamogordo. We visited Kenny and Robin on Christmas Eve, and Kenny took us out to the flight line where the base was having a community day. This is where the public and family members can come look at some of the aircraft flown by the units at Holloman. Then on Christmas Day, we were invited to spend the day with Kenny and Robin. 

Looking east across the Tularosa Basin from our campsite

Site #2.  Oliver Lee Memorial State Park. Those are the Sacramento Mountains.

One of the drones flown by Holloman AFB.

Kenny and Don looking at an F-22


Another drone - this one's the largest

Kenny's view from work - Sierra Blanca (I used to ski this mountain a lot during college)

My two favorite men

Sierra Blanca

Don got a 6-pack of exotic beer from Kenny and Robin

They gave me a beautiful bottle of German Riesling

Robin and Kenny

This is the wonderful spread Robin did for lunch - she's Italian, so this is all yummy Italian stuff:  caponata, prosciutto, black olives, artichokes, Italian bread, ham, turkey, Romano cheese. We thoroughly enjoyed it.  For dinner, she and Kenny cooked chicken Parmesan and pasta Alfredo from scratch.  It was pretty nice not to have to cook!  I'm very proud that they both cook - too many young people don't. 

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Merikay said...

Life would be boreing if we never cooked. Most of our best times involve homemade food.