Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back from Bishop

We just got back from a wonderful 10-day trip to Bishop. We needed to get away from almost 2 feet of snow here at home, see what we needed for the trailer before our big summer trip, and give Don a little fishing time.

Our initial plan was to spend the first few nights at the Tri County Fairgrounds--full hook ups for $25 a night. However, when we got there on Sunday, we couldn't find the office, no one else was there, and even the restrooms building was locked. We decided to go on out to Pleasant Valley Campground. It's right on the Owens River, and even though it doesn't have hook ups, it's only $10 a night.

We were able to get our favorite spot near the bridge on the south side, just under the cliffs.

Once the trailer was set up, Don put his fishing gear on and headed out to the river.

I spent my time reading, doing some hand stitching, and visiting the quilt shop and other stores. The weather was perfect--warm (but not hot) days and cold nights.

After 3 days at Pleasant Valley it was starting to get hot during the day, and we moved to Highlands RV Park in West Bishop. There we had hook ups, and the first 3 days we needed the air conditioner. Don continued to have fabulous fishing on the river, and I was able to get my sewing machine out and sew. (I was also able to get caught up on the Jodi Arias trial that I've been addicted to the past couple of months.) there's a nice quilt shop right next to the RV park, so I walked over there a couple of times.

Our plan was to leave Bishop and go to Lone Pine, where Don could spend a couple of days in his float tube on Diaz Lake. But he came back from the river and announced that he wanted to stay in Bishop. "I can fish in my float tube when I'm old. I won't be able to fish rivers like this forever." I was fine with staying put, so we paid for 3 more days.

I had to teach a class at my local quilt shop today, or I think we'd still be in Bishop!

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