Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a gorgeous day

Tuesday, February 7
Our 31st anniversary

As I write this, I'm sitting in the trailer about 15 feet from the Owens River at Pleasant Valley Campground. It's about 4 miles west of Bishop. It's an Inyo County campground, no hookups but decent restrooms, and is only $10 a night. We were able to get the exact location I wanted, since there are only 6 other sites being used.

We were up around 6:30 this morning, and since I'd loaded the cooler last night, we just got dressed and left. We had breakfast at McDonald's in Mentone, then went to the storage place where we had already hooked the trailer up to the truck. Don filled the fresh water tank while I unloaded the cooler, and we were on the road by 8:00.

There was very little traffic on the 395. We made great time, and it wasn't until we neared Lone Pine that we could see signs of the cold front that was supposed to be moving through. We hit a little drizzle, but other than that it was just low clouds and some gradually increasing winds. By the time we got to Bishop, the winds were 20-25 miles per hour, but they were coming out of the east and were therefore behind us.

We parked the trailer facing north, so today's winds wouldn't be hitting us broadside. We have a view of the Owens River and the Sierras out our big window.

Wednesday, February 8

Both photos above were taken this morning. We awoke to a bright, clear, sunny sky. There's only a very slight breeze, and it's already much warmer than it was last night. Don's getting his fishing gear on and will soon head out to spend the day on the river. He had a great day yesterday in the blustery weather--he hooked and released 15 wild trout. He learned that you can keep 2 if you catch them above the bridge (right next to our campsite), but we have no interest in keeping them. Besides, he's doing all of his fishing below the bridge on a 2-mile stretch of the river. He said yesterday no one else was on the river but him--compared to dozens and dozens when we were here last March. There's a motor home parked across the bridge from us, and the owner is also fishing. He and Don had a little chat yesterday about what they were using and where they were biting.

I'm going to relax here for a little bit, then head into town to upload this blog post at Starbucks, buy a couple of propane canisters for our little heater, and visit the quilt shop. It's fairly new--she used to be in June Lake but moved here a couple of years ago. It's called Sierra Cottons and Wools, and she has a section of the store devoted to wool--something I haven't branched into (yet).

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Donna K said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late!) Oh how I love looking at those pictures and seeing the country I love so much. I went back and read some of your earlier posts about Bishop. We were at Highlands RV Park last year in April so we just missed you!


We also spend some time at Brown's Millpond - I love that place (except for the ants). I'm going to enjoy reading about your stay in the Bishop area. Don't forget to visit Schat's!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

What a great place to relax and enjoy life:)