Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting Close!

This is our last weekend at home for a long time.

I'll go work half days on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We'll be "moving in" to Yucaipa Regional Park on Wednesday, so that we can make sure the trailer is all ready to go and we have all the things we need for our trip. then on Friday, we'll HIT THE ROAD!!!!

The past week has been fun--two different retirement parties, plus my book club gathering, and almost nothing to do at work since the school year is ending and the transition to the new president has already begun.

Today I finished sewing the last of a bunch of blocks for a swap, and then I packed up all my quilting stuff that I will take on the trip. On Monday we'll take all the frozen food down to the trailer (it's in a storage unit down the mountain in Mentone) and then I'll defrost the freezer in the basement. We've been eating some interesting things lately as I've been whittling down the more bulky foods. Tonight, for example, I used up some pepperoni and mozzarella and made a pizza. Unfortunately, the pepperoni was old--and tasted old--so we picked it off and ate mushroom pizza.

One more task left is to go through the "to do" list on the DVR and make sure it's got the bare minimum to record. We'll be gone pretty long, so I don't want to have it fill up quickly. I don't want to miss "The Closer," "Memphis Beat," "The Glades," or "Hawthorne"-- our favorite summer shows. I know we'll have TV pretty often this summer, but I don't want to organize my days around TV. There's so much more to do!

3 half days left!

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Merikay said...

You are sure to have a wonderful summer! I'm very excited for you. I hope you are able to post often so we can ride along.

heyduke50 said...

whooop almost there...

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Alright! Maybe we will see you on the road:)