Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Unbelievable rain and more rain

We're now on day #5 of this rain - more than we've ever seen, EVER, up here. Even the storm of 2005 couldn't compare to this. The meteorologists call this system an airborn river - it's been flowing out of the Pacific and over southern California and dumping record rainfall for 5 days.  It's not supposed to stop for 3 more days, and this morning it turned to snow for a while. All day we've been getting sleet/rain/sleet - to where it's really slushy now.  Tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night we're supposed to get several feet of snow.

The roads have been washed out in several places; the bulldozers worked all night (we can hear the loud back-up beeps); and the normally dry creek behind our house has been roaring. When you step out of the house, you can hear the roar of Mill Creek. Kenny went down the mountain today and said that the creek is 20-25 feet across (normally it's just a few feet).

One side effect of all this rain is the moisture and humidity that builds up inside the house. We have thermal curtains on many of the windows and they cause a lot of condensation to build up on the inside of the glass. The doors are all swollen and stick when you open and shut them.

I am grateful that this is a warmer system - up at Mammoth Lakes, they've gotten 13 FEET of snow. So I"m not going to complain too much about this rain - until Thursday, and we're shoveling it off our front walkways.


Merikay said...

We hope the weather will be settling down. We will be passing over the Grapevine on Thursday.

Travels with Emma said...

Egad! That's a lot of rain! Hope you don't flow away...

Lynilu said...

If only we could control the weather, huh? But the we wouldn't know how to appreciate the good weather. Oh well.

Hang on tight and don't start sliding!

Sondra said...

I saw this on the news---I hope its over soon--Stay Safe

Cindy said...

Cyndi..I will keep praying for you guys. I hope you are safe!!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Cindy and Walker