Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting away close to home - Yucaipa Regional Park

I'm sure everyone reading this knows the feeling - when you've been too long in your house and need to get away.  In our case, we wanted to take the trailer out since it had been over 2 months since we'd used it last, and we felt like spending a few days at the regional park. We had a very nice site - we used the newer loop that was built a few years ago.  The site was level, and our big slide window faced the mountains. Our view out front was towards the Crafton Hills and the setting sun - which was lovely on Tuesday night since there were a few clouds.

We set up Sunday afternoon, and stayed for 3 nights.  I went to work as usual - I just had a shorter drive to go "home."

Tuesday night Don cooked Italian sausage on the grill, and I sautéed up a pan of bell peppers and onions to make some pretty nice sandwiches.

The peak in the middle is higher than it looks - that's San Bernardino Peak. We live in a canyon just south of it (to the right).

Work has been interesting, to say the least.  I'm doing my best to not be a "lame duck" president, and some of the battles are just plain silly. Others are extremely frustrating; others make me so angry. I know I have a countdown widget over on the right side of my blog - but there's also the countdown of school/work days - 133!


Sondra said...

Wonderful spot to have so close by!! Im buried under home maintainance right now..SO much I didnt do when it was hot so Im trying to catch up!

TxBlueBird said...

It brings back so many memories to see photos of the regional park. My family used watch the fireworks up upon a ridge (at a friends house), and my cross country team used to run there all the time. It's nice being in Texas, but sometimes I miss home too....seeing those photos makes it one of those days.