Monday, February 19, 2007

Why we didn't go camping this weekend

We were scheduled to go to Emerald Cove on the Colorado River this weekend. It's a membership campground that (like lots of others) gives you some free nights of camping in exchange for listening to their sales pitch. We were looking forward to it - until Don had a run-in with a bungie cord while loading his truck. Hit him right in the eye. Almost blinded him. Well, yes, it DID blind him in that eye, but he should get the sight back in a month to six months. He has a 1/3 to 1/2-inch long vertical scratch centered right across the pupil and iris. There's a lot of blood pooling under the lens, so between the scratch and the blood, he can't see out of that eye. He also has a heck of a black eye from the bruising above and below, and is just now recuperating from all the vomiting he did when he went in to shock at the ER.

It'll take time, but he'll be fine. He even drove himself to the post office yesterday, though he overshot the parking space by about 5 feet. He's got to get used to the one-eyed driving.

So, no camping this weekend. Just a quiet 3 days relaxing at home. Next trip? Don't know. It'll be up to him.

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