Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Sky and the Gallatin River

Work has been the same as it's been all summer - a hectic repetition of each day, with hundreds and hundreds of tourists getting their ice cream, snacks, and souvenirs.  I look forward to each two-day "weekend" and either do a lot of resting or being a tourist.  I haven't felt like sewing much at all - strange, as I'd brought so many projects to work on and haven't even touched a single one

Last weekend Don and I went to the Gallatin River valley and Big Sky.  He's been wanting to fish the Gallatin, but since it's a two+ hour drive to get there, we decided to stay overnight in Big Sky. 

We had breakfast at the Yellowstone Grill in Gardiner, then made the drive through the park to West Yellowstone, and then headed north on the 191 to the Gallatin.  We stopped at a spot that was still inside the park, and he fished the river for a couple of hours.  Around noon we drove to Big Sky and had a huge platter of nachos for lunch at El Patron.  They were wonderful!

We checked into The Lodge at Big Sky, where we had a very large room with a view of Lone Peak.  The Lodge is a popular place in the winter for skiers, since it's so close to the runs on Lone Peak. During the summer it fills up as well, since the rates are really cheap. I spent the afternoon relaxing in the room while Don went back to the river. 

Dinner was also an enjoyable experience - we went to the First Place Pub in lower Big Sky, where Don had "hog wings" (pork shanks) and the biggest basket of fries I've ever seen.  I had a great order of fish and chips, and a lemonade made with 44˚ Huckleberry Vodka. 

The next morning we ate breakfast in the hotel - a free meal of eggs, toast, yogurt, fruit, and if we'd wanted, pancakes. Don fished a couple more hours on the Gallatin, and we went to West Yellowstone for lunch at the Red Lotus. A quick trip to the grocery store, followed by a stop on the Gibbon River, and we were home by 5.

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